XC skiing Trail Conditions: Closed for season

Snowshoe Trail Conditions: closed for season

Hiking Trail Conditions: soggy

Trail Conditions at Levis / Trow Mound

Mountain/Fatbike  Trail Conditions:

Closed for spring thaw.

We've had some inquires on open and closed seasons at Levis Mound so here is the scoop: Levis is open year 'round and closed only for a short period in the spring (1-2 weeks for frost-out). That closure doesn't not have a hard date because it's weather dependent. Generally, warm weather use is not closed-Levis dries quickly. Summer trail conditions generally do not change and the FB page is the best place to check.

Winter conditions and events updated on https://www.facebook.com/LevisMound. 

Forestry Department PDF file Levis Map:Levis Mound Trail map

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